Building Portfolios for Investors

We are a consultancy offering property sourcing & analysis, conversion project management and ongoing lettings operations for investors from the UK and overseas.

We have a number of years experience as investors managing our own portfolio, setting-up properties for clients, operating our own lettings and managing thereafter.

We aim to provide a professional service as the same we approach our own deals. We don’t just teach investment strategies or tactics in a classroom, we want to work on the field with our clients every step of the way – from understanding local opportunities, finding and evaluating suitable properties, managing cost-effective conversions to ongoing managements.

Through our experience we can help you avoid mistakes and minimize risks:

  • We understand the key on where to purchase properties, what is needed to convert to a high standard, how to maximize the value of the property and minimise setup costs.
  • We have built a power team and contracts to manage the support every aspect of acquiring, renovating, managing and operating the properties.
  • We have developed in-house systems and tools which gear modern technology to optimize the management of the properties.

We invest in property in general, as we believe:

  • The strong and growing demand for residential property will continue to outstrip supply for the foreseeable future.
  • The private rental sector is projected to become the dominant form of tenure as increasing proportions of the population will be unable to afford home ownership.
  • Property presents an increased potential of positive cash-flow in higher interest rate environments.
  • Investing in property offers unparalleled access to well-structured financing to benefit from gearing.
  • In the opportunity for value creation thus recession-proofing our plans.